Bouncy, pouncy, trouncy, flouncy, full of funfunfun….

That’s how I feel! To quote one of Taylor Swift’s songs, “Today was a fairytale!” My mother and younger sister went shopping today! I had, of course, $50 dollars to spend at Barnes and Noble, and spend I did! (I actually spent fifty-SIX dollars, but who’s counting?) Here is what I bought (look at the GORGEOUS COVERS!! SERIOUS artistic eye candy!!!)

 Paperback… (One of my favorites!!)

 Paperback (another favorite)!!

 HARDBACK!!! I haven’t read this yet and was so excited to find a new one!!!!

 ANOTHER HARDBACK!! I haven’t read this one, either, but it looked really cool!!!

I cannot wait to read these!! I have to finish Incarceron first, of course (Jared in Incarceron is Salebeths’ total twin!!! Hilarious! I am going to have to write more about Salebeth now…) Anyway, while we were out we ate at this CHARMING old-world bread restaurant called Theo’s Brother’s Bakery. SO cute!! Done up to look Italian, the food was AMAZING!! I even went out on a limb and ate pepperochini (good grief, I Spellechecked that and it only came up with ‘pepperoni’… so if I misspelled it, don’t blame me!) and LIKED it!! I tried cheese, too… but I’m still not a cheese fan. Then I had a… oh, good grief, I can’t remember the name… it’s a square French doughnut? Make any sense? It was good, anyway. And they had really good coffee, and a very refreshing cucumber lemonade drink!! And on the way home, we listened to my Owl City CD! Mom even likes him now!! ^_^ Well, must dash! I won’t be posting for a couple of days, probably, because of the conference.

Grace and peace,



6 thoughts on “Bouncy, pouncy, trouncy, flouncy, full of funfunfun….

  1. Wow, lots of books! 😀

    And it’s pepperocini, I believe. (You’re referring to the peppers, right?) And the square doughnut is called a beignet. 😀 You’ve never lived till you’ve had a beignet and either homemade hot chocolate or cafe au lait (sweetened coffee with milk). Yum!

    AND HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE CHEESE??? It should be its own food group. LOL.


  2. Be cautious with Voices of Dragons. I wound up not being too fond of it and returned it to the store due to reading other people’s reviews of it. I didn’t actually read the whole thing, but the chapter or two that I skimmed didn’t sound all that great.

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