Subconcious Traits – how we incorporate ourselves into our characters

Do you ever notice, how when you write a story and create a main character with the intent for her/him to be totally original, he/she starts to look suspiciously familiar? I have. I solved the problem – create characters with my own traits on PURPOSE!! HAHA! I have FOILED the problem!!!! I was thinking about Elmeria and all my characters there and began to wonder exactly what traits each of them had that I had, too. So, for your enjoyment and my inventory, here they are!

Sienna – She is ‘my character.’ She’s pretty much me. She’s sarcastic, not afraid of a whole lot, but sometimes insecure.

Alec – He’s not me. He’s my imaginary little brother. I have a little sister and an older brother and combined them. =)

Eristor – I tend to keep things inside and not talk about them until either encouragement or Chinese Water Torture is ensued. I’m often sharp-tongued, and his ‘looks’ that he gives Sienna, Alec, Tylir, etc.? Yup, those are all me. Mine! MINE MINE MINE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Me and the glare shall conquer the WORRRRLLLDDD!!!!!!!!! *thunks head onto computer desk* Can you tell I’m in a weird mood?

Salebeth – Books! Knowledge! Maps! Learning! His hobbies are basically mine, although I don’t have the gentle encouragement and patience that he has. Sadly. Cool if I did, though.

Sahäla – Everything herbal! I’ve always wanted to be a healer, skilled in the art of wildcrafting. I’m not exactly there yet, but at least I’m a certified family herbalist! It’s a start!

The Twins – They have the whole ‘I-am-being-used-and-unnapreciated’ attitude that I tend to have sometimes, even if it’s not true. They embody my blue-funk days. Sounds weird, I know, but you’ll understand once you’ve read the second book. In the first book,  they love to argue and have good-natured debates, like me! I’ve never wanted a twin, but find them endlessly fascinating, especially Siamese ones. And I love the amazingly-skilled-assassin types. Which they are.

Tylir – He’s all his own guy! I don’t think there’s any similarities between us. *hugs Tylir*

 Malec – We’re nothing alike. But he’s fun. And he provides lots of arguments for the twins. I actually would delete him, but everyone liked him. Poor guy *pats Malec on the shoulder*

Treefist – Sarcasm and grumpiness. This is also me on blue-funk days. Gotta love dwarves.

Argond – Aha! The antagonistic, ‘you-can-tell-me-to-leave-but-I-won’t-just-to-bug-you’ type. Fortunately, there’s not much of a similarity here.


4 thoughts on “Subconcious Traits – how we incorporate ourselves into our characters

  1. I second Liberty, be nice to Malec. 🙂

    I’ve realized that I tend to incorporate myself into my characters. But in VJ and VP, I don’t really have a character like you have Sienna–I don’t have one that’s “me.” Which can be good. I’ve got bits and pieces of me in Damian as well as Avarona, though, in all honesty, I’m more like Damian. 😀 Now, in Ryleigh’s books, I’m SO Ryleigh it’s not even funny. Ryleigh = me.

    It can be fun to write characters who *aren’t* like you. At least, *I* find it fun.

    Love this post; I might have to do a similar one on my blog…


  2. So all I have to do to get you to talk is Chinese Water Torture???
    *turns head*
    Master Nathan, prepare the room! Now we shall see what dark secrets lurk in her brain….

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