These are pictures of the ‘bigger’ presents – makeup, the wax seal, gift cards, and money are not included. ^_^ 

My hope chest!! Is it not GORGEOUS!?!?!? And my WONDERFUL new purse and scarf!!!! (I wore them today to Starbucks and the thrift store =)


MY OWN MONA LISA AND OWL CITY!!!!! Which has been playing nonstop… =)

And so now here’s what my room looks like (or my half, anyway – I share it with Saerwen!) imagine Owl City playing =)


 I love old photos…

And the most important feature…


2 thoughts on ““Presents!”

  1. Ah-ha! Mirriam! Now I see this post! (I wasn’t following your new URL correctly) Anyway, I love everything! (You used the wax seal on my letter, didn’t you? WOW!)Make-up girl? What kind? I guess that you are sixteen now! I’m glad that you had such an AWESOME AWESOME birthday!!!


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