I made a new blog yesterday to fiddle with.

Then I deleted it

But it was the wrong blog.

I DELETED THOUGHTS OF A SHIELDMAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!! But thankfully, I have a new one here – the new address is https://shieldmaidenthoughts.wordpress.com

because for some reason, even though I DELETED the other blog, it says the site domain is taken. (stingy)


12 thoughts on “I DONT’ BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  1. Oh, bummer! That stinks…and the whole thing about the domain name is just how WordPress works. I know, it’s nutty, but oh well. 😛

    Glad you didn’t get kidnapped by Oscariath and everything’s okay. *wink* All I could think was, “I talked to her yesterday, and she didn’t say anything about deleting her blog…?” LOL!


  2. Well…glad to hear everything is okay…sort of…and that nothing majorly terrible happened like you died or were hacked or Oscariath kidnapped you or you decided to run away with Legolas. That would majorly stink. ^.^

  3. @ Liberty: That’s funny, we both said she had been kidnapped by Oscariath. Guess she’s invading our minds with her villains, huh? LOL! (And her running away with Leggie would be a major problem. 😀 No offense to Legolas fangirls. ^_^)


  4. Avarona- LOL it is funny!!! It’s been forever since I read her first book…but I’m hooked and if they ever get published I’ll be an official collector…LOL

  5. There we go, now that I’ve gotten back here I finally know what happened! 🙂 Love those pictures, but that is sad. 😦 This one looks great though! And I’m glad I clicked on someone else’s side-bar link, or I never would have known what happened to you! o.O Just so you know, I’ve enjoyed your blogs for a long time, even tho I don’t comment much. 😀

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